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As a teacher, I am constantly on the look out for new classroom management tips and tricks to add to my toolbox. Many of the strategies that I come across on Pinterest are cute and fun but are not necessarily things that will work in my upper elementary classroom. Below is a roundup of strategies that I have successfully used with fourth and fifth grade students. I hope that they help you out as much as they’ve helped me!





Secret StudentSecret Student from Teach Create Motivate




Student vs Teacher

Student vs TeacherStudent vs Teacher from Downeast Teach




Class DOJO Store

DOJO Store

Class Dojo Store from Going Strong in 2nd Grade




NOISE strategy

NOISE Strategy

NOISE Strategy on Buzzfeed




Scrabble Rewards

scrabble Rewards

Scrabble Rewards from Created By Mr. Hughes



Read on to see five more awesome classroom management strategies!

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