Vacation Reading Challenge


As teachers, we know how important it is for our students to read every day. We make sure to plan time for it in our classrooms, but how can we help our students to take the time to read during school vacations? Turn it into a challenge!

Vacation Reading Challenge


Friendly competition makes any academic task feel like a game, which creates buy-in from students. To help encourage your students to read during vacation, give them a reading challenge. Hand out the recording sheet and work with students to set a reading goal. A good guideline for upper elementary students is 30-40 minutes per day.



Then share with students the challenge page. Review some of the fun ways to read – “Under the table” or In the dark” are just a few of the fun challenges.  Every time a student reads, they glue the challenge they completed onto the recording sheet.


When students return to school after vacation, they turn in the completed reading challenge. All of the students who completed the challenge then receive a reward. Something I’ve done with my classes is a hot chocolate party. Students who turned in their challenge ate lunch in the classroom and toasted one another’s success with a delicious cup of hot cocoa.


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